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Energetic Healing - Reiki/Crystal Healing

Reiki and Crystal Healing are both forms of Energetic Healing. It is generally accepted that everything (including ourselves) is 'Energy'. Infact every living thing has an Energy field around it, this is called an 'aura'. With the enhanced healing, Reiki can assist with re-balancing the chakras, bringing physical; emotional, mental and spiritual well being; improve circulation and in some cases cysts or growths have been known to 'disappear'. Crystals work through their 'vibration' repairing the energy field that surrounds the physical body. They can help activate, cleanse, balance, empower and much more.

Psychic/Tarot Card Readings

Psychic/Intuitive Readings or Tarot Readings are available. This a form of guidance and insights. For some people it is a way of connecting with those living distantly or in Spirit, etc. These can be done in person or by phone.

Bach/Australian Bush Flower Remedies

Since the ancient civilisations of the Egyptians, Babylonians and Aboriginals, the 'vibrational healing' of flowers have been used to help people and animals. They bring emotional, mental and spiritual balance. It is a widely recognised concept that 'when our emotions are in balance, the body heals thyself' (Dr Edward Bach, founder of the Bach Flower Remedy System)...that is when our Immune System takes over. They are all natural...Magical.

Past Life Regression / Between Lives Regression

Having attained my Diploma in Regression Therapy, I have since completed the 'Many Lives, Many Masters' Course offered by Past Life Regression Pioneer, Dr Brian Weiss. As a result I have come to understand'...(then continue with current text starting with Past Life Regression gives the opportunity to answer why we can sometimes have unexplained fears, health conditions, connections, phobias, knowledge, etc. In addition to providing information, it can help release the trauma and emotional energy around a person. Quite a fascinating concept….every single moment of our life is recorded within us. Through gentle and then relaxation into a light hypnosis we can go back in time.if you would like any more information about the Regression process, please contact, would love the opportunity to answer any questions, etc. Between Lives Regression through a safe level of relaxation to be able to explore what happened in our Most Recent Past Life, the Journey into the Soul World and into this Incarnation. Please contact for more information and booking directly with us.

Between Lives Regression

Between Lives Regression is a fascinating experience which touches on the Client's Most Recent Past Life and what happens in the Soul World leading up to the current incarnation. More about the process, pricing and booking is by contacting directly with us please. is booked directly through emailing or calling on Ph 0413 933 814

Relaxation Therapy

Throughout this Relaxation Therapy we help you recover suppressed memories and modify non beneficial behaviour. Through calming and positive suggestions diffuse fear, anxiety and feel empowered. Suitable for Adults and Children. Please contact if you have any questions prior to booking.Would love to give more information if you wish any questions you may have.

Animal Healing / Communication

Animals are very sensitive to Energy - Did you know that a dog will sit/sleep in an area of 'positive energy' whereas cats will go to a 'non beneficial' energy? It is possible to help animals with physical/emotional/mental/spiritual situations using Energetic Healing/Reiki and/or either Bach or Australian Bush Flower Remedies...they respond amazingly. Quite often animals are mirroring their owner's feelings/conditions, empathically. Telepathic/Intuitive Energy is used to communicate with animals, even when they may have passed into the Spirit World....a Beautiful opportunity to connect with your pet's thoughts.

Ear/Body Candling

Ear Candling dates back to the Red Indians who were of the understanding that when we are unwell we have a discharge from our eyes, nose or ears. They created a mash of grass and leaves and rolled it into a tube. The person receiving the treatment lies on their side, the tube is placed in the outer ear and lit at the top. As this burns it creates a vacuum effect and it draws toxins from not only the person’s ear but the entire body including the channels in the head. This brings amazing clarity and benefits on every level – mind, body and spirit. It can improve hearing, thyroid, flu virus, etc. Body candling is done in a similar way, the candle is placed directly over the area requiring attention. The process can help with migraines, conception, trauma, arthritis, etc. Apart from anything else, it is extremely relaxing…


Whilst I make every effort to ensure reliability and benefit of services and products offered, none shall be regarded as offering medical and legal advice, diagnosing or prescribing medical treatment. it is important that each client to continue to seek medical advice from their Health Practitioner.