Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression…What a fascinating subject… Have you ever wondered how the energy of your Past Lives is entwined in our Current Life? Have you ever been curious as to why we have certain feelings, fears, interests…sometimes obsessions or knowledge without ever consciously learning a language or playing an instrument?

As we know we our physical body has a certain lifespan, depending on the choices made by the Soul in the Spirit World and “free will” in this current life. Our Soul, however, continues on…it is an energy source which is held near the area of our “Third Eye”.. It is, in fact, our Soul who is with us each lifetime and with it comes the positive and the not so… patterns, connections, differences with other Souls. Our Soul remembers and yet we are not usually consciously aware of the events or even the characters..very much Past Lives connects us with “feelings”.

Past Life Regression can bring many pieces of what seemed to be an unresolved fact, it can help highlight Healing on so many levels – physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Helping to resolve the effects of different emotions eg. Fear … maybe a fear of failure, rejection or fire – to name a few.

If you would like to experience a Past Life Regression we would begin by having an interview… so we can establish the theme of what we are looking to resolve. The interview usually takes up to an hour.

Then in a separate session, we will, through gentle, positive suggestions ask the subconscious take us to just before the “very first event” where the Soul experienced this particular emotion eg. Fear of failure.

Like an intricate filing system, events have been marked, ready for the Regression and the opportunity of healing. The subconscious mind amazingly creates a visual image for the Client, which entails even the clothing, gender, other people involved, scene and circumstances of this very first event. So it goes from there, as the unconscious mind paints a picture and a chain of events. Sometimes even having an awareness of where it originated from can be healing.

As the Past Life Regression continues, we reach the Death Point and it is here where we look to re-balance the Fear (or whatever emotion we are working with) by offering something positive to release the trapped energy. From there meeting with the Soul’s Spirit Guide, experiencing the Life Review/Lesson/Purpose and much more.

Inputting the understandings into all the other Past Lives since with that theme, right up into the current and into the Future Lives….Amazing. This truly is a Magical Modality…. please contact me if you have any questions…



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