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I focus on helping you to maintain emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance. Healing is suitable for adults, children, babies, animals and even plants! Healing gives an opportunity for us to enjoy our life, relationships, work, study and surroundings more positively and peacefully.

  • Natural Therapies date back before Christ

  • All Natural, No side effects

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In year 1912

In 1912, Welsh- born, Dr Edward Bach qualified as a General Practitioner. He also conducted an intense study into bacteriology, immunology and homeopathy and found a strong connection between chronic disease and negative mental attitudes. Further research confirmed the link between harmonious emotions and the physical body. His incredible sensitivity and intuition led him to create a safe, simple and non-invasive method of healing using the energy from flowers. This change in outlook brought a new understanding of the impact that emotions had on people’s health. Some 50 years later, Naturopath and Homeopath, Ian White, released the first Essence in the Australian Bush Flower Essences range. People and animals all over the world have benefited from these remedies.

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Nature Heals
A holistic approach is our focus. Our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical energies are all connected. When we are “in balance” we enjoy life more, are able to manage difficult or stressful situations better, maintain harmonious relationships, sleep peacefully, etc.   Here are just a few of the many conditions/dis-eases which could benefit from Nature’s healing hands. Please note, however, this list is not definitive. Please let me know if you have a particular condition. There is a very good chance help can be offered to you, your family & friends.


* Autism * Coeliac * Stress * Insomnia * Infertility * Depression * Addictions * Circulation * Kidney stones * Gout * Relationship/Family Problems * Stings/Bites * Vertigo

* Creativity/Creative Block * Blood Pressure * Travel Sickness * Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Digestive Problems * Back/Arthritis/Joint Problems * Osteoporosis/Bone Problems * Relationships * Phobias The list is endless and we would love to see if we can help you should your condition/dis-ease is not mentioned in the short list we have put together for your reference.


  • Many nights I have had to sit up in bed to relieve heartburn and indigestion and would have to take medication to ease the pain. I have found taking a dose of Australian Bush Flower Essence which Chris refers to as 'Calm', I fall straight back to sleep
    Steffi, Mortdale
  • The proof is in the pudding and I would recommend this modality of energy medicine/healing to anyone, especially that there are zero side-effects. Thank you God and Christine for introducing me to the power of the Australian Bush Flowers, at this pivotal time in my life you are a real God-Send!! With Eternal Thanks and Humble Gratitude
    Michelle, Gymea
  • Thank you so much Chris for helping me through a very difficult time in the loss of my son recently. The Flower remedy you made helped me cope through the early stages of this devasting experience and was comfort during the many stages after.
    Geraldine, Tahmoor
  • Chris is such a positive and kind person, she genuinely does care about people.
    CO, Bondi
  • I have received a few Psychic Readings from Chris. The Readings were extremely valuable and enabled me to clarify a number of issues that I’d been dealing with.
    A.B, Brighton