Psychic Readings


Here at Working with Nature to Make a Difference, Cronulla, I offer many Modalities for Emotional Balance and Healing, amongst which are Psychic Readings. “Readings” as they are commonly called, are a form of “Divination”.. or guidance.

When it comes to Psychic Readings, there are in fact different ways the Reader will receive the information. For example, someone who receives an image or picture in their mind is called a Clairvoyant or Psychic Reader with Clairvoyance. Psychic Readings connected the Reader through “hearing” whether audibly or silently is called Clairaudient with a sense of feelings, example pain, tightness in the chest etc. Psychic Readings are done by Recognizance which is the ability of just “knowing” without an understanding of how or why they knew this information.

We have all been gifted with Psychic abilities, allowing us to see or perceive things which most people are not aware of when using their five senses…hearing, sight, touch, taste, smell. A way of developing our Psychic ability is still our mind, maybe light a candle or meditate, so we can just focus on stillness…it isn’t possible to simply “not think” what we are doing is allowing our mind to be directed to “just being”…In asking a question either aloud or within, an answer or thought will come. Whether we want to do Psychic Readings or simply enhance our abilities for ourselves, it is important firstly be aware of the thoughts or “messages” we receive from our Higher Self. That “little voice” or feeling inside of us. For example, have you ever made plans to go to a certain place on a set day… and for some unknown reason, we just don’t feel it is a good idea? This concept is coming from our Intuitive self, our subconscious mind..after all, one of it’s roles is to protect us. If we start to actually think about it, our conscious mind becomes involved…it works with answers or logic. We have found the more you trust that “little voice”, the more the intuitive mind develops.

Would you like help to open your “third eye” or intuition? I can make you a Magical Remedy with Bush Fuchsia and other Australian Bush Flowers Remedies.

I would love to hear from you, please let me know if you have any questions.



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