Ear/Body Candling

Ear Candling, or Hopi,  goes back to the Red Indian civilization. In their wisdom, the Red Indians found that when someone is unwell, there is a discharge from the eyes, ears or nose, containing toxins.

Using a mash of grass and leaves, they would then create a tube to form a “candle”. The patient would lie on their side and the candle would be placed in the ear. By lighting the top of the candle, it would cause a vacuum from inside the body which would then draw the toxins through the ear and into the candle. Meantime the candle would burn down to a safe distance from the patient’s ear. Since that time, these candles have been made from linen. The candles I use are made from organic cotton, hand made with Essential oils, Bach or Australian Bush Flower Remedies, a Reiki intention and definitely Love.

Amazingly, the ear is the greatest orifice of the body as it draws toxins from the whole body, where other organs may release directly from the specific body system.  This process even releases what is known as “compacted acids” (toxins) from the brain canals. They may appear as minute red or black dots in amongst the debris.

Using the same principle as the Red Indians, a small plastic cone is placed gently in the ear to provide an additional support to the candle and also another way for the toxins to come through. As the candle is burning down, it is trimmed and the residue from the cone and the candle is cleared. Most feel that this is was from the ear, however, it is accumulated toxins which built up as a result of illness, stress, pollutants, etc. The amount released can be extraordinary! The candles I use are 43cms (approx) in length, handmade in Melbourne from beeswax, usually taking about 30 minutes to burn. Sometimes the toxins will come in the form of light or dark powder, runny mucus, hard light or dark waxy consistency..

In general terms other conditions which can be helped…the list is endless. To name a few… Infertility, Migraines, Sinusitis, Endometriosis, Tinnitus, Shingles, Fear, Diabetes, Emotional/Mental conditions, etc. 

Very important – Candling is always to be done by a Practitioner. For safety reasons, people are not to candle themselves. The process is so relaxing, some people go to sleep during the treatment.

This incredible Modality can make a difference for you and your family – children and babies can benefit also. Please visit the Pricing/Booking Page to arrange an appointment soon.



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