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Grateful to have played a part in the healing of many. Thank you so much to you for taking the time to visit my website and offering testimonials.  Thank you to all my Clients for their trust and personal commitment to their own situations. I am very grateful to have played apart in their Healing.
“The person who is most responsible for the progress is Yourself! Why not take the opportunity and experience …..Change.”
Hi Chris
It's been so wonderful working with you. We've been working together for a long time now, for over 3 years. You've always been available to support me and provide insights that have helped me find peace and direction. Your subtlety, care and nurture helps meto feel like I'm supported and I can do anything. The flower essences remind me throughout the day of what's important for me to work on and their energy and support has been invaluable. The recent times have been the toughest of my life and I'm so gratefulto have you in my corner helping me to find calm, reducing my angst and anxiety. You've helped me make such important decisions and I feel like I'm now on my way to a productive and confident time in my life. Also I've been able to be the best mum I can bethrough tough times and for this I am truly forever grateful. The benefits of which are immeasurable. Forever grateful
B. F. Lower North Shore Sydney
Chris you are amazing. Isabel's rash has almost completely gone in 2 days! (using Remedies from the Homeopathic First Aid Kit). Thank you so much for all your support and suggestions. So grateful.
Elise. Wheeler Heights
"Good Morning Chris Great news with the "ABC" Homeopathics! I took them from lunch time (as I am still breastfeeding Isabel, such an excellent way for her to receive the benefit) Friday. I then stopped them Sunday night as Isabel slept until 5.50am on Monday morning 😍instead of waking 4/4.30. She woke a little earlier, at 5.30am this morning .. It would be great if she continues waking 6am or only just before".
Elise. Wheeler Heights
Hi Chris! I know this is random, but I thought I'd just thank you once again because my life is turning around and I couldn't be happier and I wouldn't have been here if it weren't for your help.
Name Withheld. NSW
Hi Chris, thank you so much I was totally exhausted yesterday afternoon. Very grateful for your patience and angelic guidance it was perfect, what an incredible and unforgettable experience. (Past Life Regression)
L C. Southern Sydney
Hi Chris .. Yesterday, for the first time in 2 years since going off the pill, I have had a 28 day (menstrual) cycle! Usually it’s 32-49 days. So grateful.
Reta. Elizabeth Hills
Hi Chris,…. I am finding all this Past Life stuff very interesting actually..The Reiki has helped a lot as I’m feeling lighter and less concerned about trivial things. Thank you
Name Withheld. Sydney
Hi Chris, We are super happy as “Burger” (Dog) is so much happier now. He slept through the night for the first time. Thank you so much for helping him with the “hot spots. Can’t stop talking about his progress
CY. Dulwich Hill
My Life has literally transformed since I undertook the Between Lives Regression with Chris. As a result I have clarified my life purpose and I can see the order in everything I have done in my life date instead of the perception of chaos that reigned before. A very deep spiritual process that can only be experienced to be appreciated
Tim Lassig. Mortdale
I was definitely feeling uneasy and maybe unsettled to begin with but then found myself feeling tranquil and refreshed. I have to say the effect on my back was immediate. I came into your room with so much discomfort and left with no pain at all. Thank you for all the genuine love and care
Name Withheld. Sydney
A genuine person who wants to help and knows her stuff! She is providing a different kind of services which I very much appreciate. The Bush Flower Remedies especially have left me so much more empowered and I can highly recommend them as well as the Reiki.
Name Withheld
Thank you Chris for all your help and kindness when my family and I had Covid 19 a couple of months ago. The Flower Remedies also Homeopathics you had prepared for us were Amazing. Even when I went to Hospital overnight due to breathing problems, the Remedies were by my side. Every day and night they brought reassurance on all levels. Am ever grateful of your time, energy and care.
Name Withheld. Southern Sydney
Dearest Chris, I am so thankful we crossed paths, it was definitely fated. I always was so intrigued by past life regression but I was so afraid of it too , not only what would come up but also I needed to trust the healer to help guide me . Chris you are not only a gifted healer but an angel on earth, you helped cleanse, clean and purify the blocked energies that were holding me back . The past life regression we did last week was liberating and honestly one of the most incredible and sacred experiences of my life. I had suffered from insomnia and a choking sensation in my throat as if I was being choked at night and this kept me awake. During my past life regression I found out that I was strangled to death which had explained the mysterious choking and inability to fall and stay asleep. After the regression I sleep deeply and soundly with this new-found wisdom. Chris, thank you for being with me each step of the way , helping me release through the tears and being my light when I needed you most and constantly checking in how I am feeling . I am forever grateful and I cannot wait for more healing in the near future.
Emanuela. Cronulla
I have had digestive problems for a while now and booked in to see a specialist. Before going to the appointment I thought I would try a natural way. I have been taking the Flower Remedies Chris made for me for 3 weeks now and after one year of ongoing issues with my body, I have never felt better. Have known Chris for years now and as a result had multiple sessions with her. Chris has helped in my journey in ways I can't even explain, physically and emotionally. Also giving me insights and seeing things from a different perspective and taught me to trust myself and the path am on. Thank you for all your guidance, constant Love and support."
Leanne S. Milsons Point
I did a Past Life Regression with Chris and it was truly an incredible experience. Chris was the best guide and made me feel comfortable and safe the entire time. During the Regression I was unsure if what I was experiencing was real but then a moment came where I was crying uncontrollably because I felt the same emotion I did in a past life. Very hard to explain but in that moment it was like my two worlds collided, past and present. Since the session I feel lighter, more expressive and more sure of myself, all things I felt lacking at present. I highly recommend doing the Regression, or really any service, with Chris
Katie C. Homebush
Thank you so much for everything Chris – feel so much has changed since I started to come for appointments with you – so grateful
David J. Inner West Sydney
Hi Chris, Just want to let you know how much I value you and your support… It means the world to me.
M.H. Inner City, Sydney
I feel so much better after my consultation yesterday. Thank you Chris, just talking to you relieved my mind. Am very much looking forward to my next session with you.
K.G. Pyrmont
Thank you Chris for my ear candling experience this morning. I had no idea that this would make such a difference to my overall well being. After I felt lighter and less achy. I am look forward to my next ear candling treatment. Thank you for such a fabulous experience.
Julieanne. Cronulla
Chris thank you for thinking of me.. It is Amazing having” my voice” back. I haven’t been the same since (the Past Life Regression)
T. V. Inner West, Sydney
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Chris for all her guidance and support. After our Past Life Regression session, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders, I am now free and excited for what the future brings. Chris, you are incredibly gifted and have truly changed my life! I’m forever grateful
C.S.G. Sydney
I highly recommend Chris. She is a very good listener, so professional and thoughtful in her approach, making everyone feel special. I strongly suggest you contact Chris and see what difference she make in your life.
Nada. Bonnet Bay
Thank you God and Christine for introducing me to the power of the Australian Bush Flowers, at this pivotal time in my life you are a real God-Send!! With Eternal Thanks and Humble Gratitude.
Michelle. Gymea
Hi Chris, woke up feeling so happy – like I released so many past issues in our session yesterday, Am so focused now.
Erin. Redfern
Chris, I just want to let you know that since we have been working together, I feel so empowered…strong in expressing myself now. I am so grateful
Lara. Orange
Thank you so much Chris for helping me through a very difficult time in the loss of my son recently. The Flower remedy you made helped me cope through the early stages of this devastating experience and was comfort during the many stages after.
Geraldine. Tahmoor
I have received a few Psychic Readings from Chris. The Readings were extremely valuable and enabled me to clarify a number of issues that I’d been dealing with.
A.B. Brighton
Thanks Chris, I feel so much more relaxed. I really enjoyed the treatment (Vibrational Crystal Pyramid Healing). It’s brought a lot of stuff to light for me. I now know what’s needed to change and I have to let go of the anger and fear
E.B. Liverpool area
Chris, an extremely warm and loving individual, helped me through a difficult transition last year. I took the Bush Flower Remedies and was amazed by what was released. Chris patiently listened to me and counselled me through some emotional situations. Am very glad to say that I am healing and growing. Thanks for all of your help Chris
Alex S. Stanmore
Chris is so knowledgeable in so many areas. I felt so Trusting of the information passed on to me
S.T. Newtown
Thanks again for the wonderful experience (Past Life Regression) – I definitely felt the shift in me and so much seems to be falling into place Which is amazing
C.M. Earlwood
The moment I met Chris I felt instantly calm. Her gentle energy so warm and her voice so healing. I am very grateful for Chris's many wonderful gifts of healing. I have had the privilege to be under her healing guidance for many years now. I have positively benefitted from Readings, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Flower Remedies and Homeopathic treatments.
Anna. Sydney
Chris’s work is simply amazing! I was having trouble sleeping. After spending 15 minutes with her she informed me that I will have a good sleep. Sure enough I woke up this morning and I’m full of energy and feel like I slept like a baby! She has the magic touch and I believe in the work that she does.
Z.A. Wiley Park
Absolutely amazing, sensitive and wonderful services. Have been working with Chris for approximately 5 years and she never ceases to amaze me with her ability to catalyse my healing and transformations. Modalities I have experienced with Chris are Bach/Australian Bush Flower Remedies, Reiki/Energetic Healing and Past Life Regression.
Bennie. Eastern Suburbs, Sydney
Taking the ‘Concentration’ essence helped me focus so much on my nursing studies. I am so grateful. I decided to have find the deeper reason why I tend to start things and have trouble finishing them. Having a consultation and personal remedy has made such a difference and helped my self esteem also.
Megan. Kingsford
I’m sure you only just missed it (Winner of 2017 Local Business Award) Chris. Being a Finalist this year means you still have the next step to strive for, opportunity is still present….I’m proud of your growth in the business world and your perseverance Chris
W.G. Southern Sydney
Hi Chris.. Your new Website looks amazing.! I miss my sessions with you, I wish I could find someone with your magic but you have a truly unique gift so I think I’m going to be pushed to find someone.
Rachel. Now moved back to U.K.
My first session with Chris was the first time that I had any such experience to connect with my feelings and people that have passed. I felt an instant positive pull towards Chris and we had a really strong connection that helped me push through my thoughts and get a clearer path for my future. Thank you Chris for your gentle and kind nature, and your guidance.
Ivana. Sydney
I have been working with Chris for over 2 years now, initially Reiki , bush flower remedies for depression and anxiety which had been ongoing for over 10 years, after successfully overcoming the depression and coming off the antidepressants that had been taking for many years, I felt so empowered and alive. I have since had candling, hypnosis and I am working towards Past Life regression. I truly believe Chris is my Angel and she came into my life at the right time. Thank you Chris xxxx
Emma. Holsworthy
Am so grateful to you Chris. I feel so different since my Past Life Regression, couldn’t have made these changes without you. I feel excited about the future.
C.G. Northern Sydney
Wow! That is amazing and exciting being a Finalist (in the Local Business Awards) is an achievement and testament to the hard work and positive vibes you give to others. Congrats
Jenny. Inner West
The changes I have experienced through the Past Life Regression process has been Unbelievable. I have had so much counselling over the years. This has been Magical
A.T. Hills District, Sydney
woke up feeling clear and with a sense of direction. Thank you Chris for always being there for me.
J.G. Inner West
My experience with Chris started roughly 2 years ago and is still going. I absolutely love talking to her, it has been si great, the information that rolls in. Genuine, caring soul. Always fair, never judgemental. Good pricing also. You can't help not to love her! Thanks so much always."
Kristina. Sydney South
You have helped me the most of anyone, I trust whatever guidance you offer for any one my Family and Friends…I look back as to how I was last year and I am feeling so different…thank you so much.
Sarah F. Oatley
Change is Amazing and I’m looking forward to it so much…I thank God/the Universe that I came in contact with such a beautiful Soul like yourself. What I came to see you for, I got exactly that. I don’t mind driving the distance as it’s worth it
Name withheld. Western Sydney.
Thank you for being a big mentor to me. It means the world for me.. I have grown so much since learning things from you.
Name Withheld. Sydney
I am not sure where I would have been if you hadn’t have shown up in my Life Chris
V.S. Inner West.
So glad to have a Reading with you Chris…it was Amazing
Stephen B. Wagga Wagga
Sometimes you just need to feel that there’s someone on your side, and that’s what it felt like with all my interactions with Chris. I truly believe that her encouragement and support were a huge help in my successful job search. The fact that my short reading was incredibly accurate too, was the icing on the cake. I’m now over the moon to be working in my dream job. Thanks for everything Chris
Jenny. Chippendale
Chris, I just want to let you know how revitalised I feel after our Hypnosis session. I know I have chosen the right path in doing this to release blocks from my childhood. I am so looking forward to working with you in a Past Life Regression when it comes time. I loved the “anchoring” process of locking in such amazing positive memories and bringing those feelings into any challenging situations in the future. Am very grateful
Sue B. Inner West
I became fearful and anxious prior to having major surgery on my knee. So much so that I wanted to cancel my operation because so many people had told me that the recovery process is very painful. A consultation with Chris from Working with Nature to make a Difference made such a change in my life and recovery process. Chris made me a Bach Flower Remedy specifically to give me the courage to help me overcome my fear and anxiety regarding my operation. Chris explained that sometimes the very symptom that is being targeted, can become worse before it gets better. This did happen and Chris increased the frequency of the doses for a couple of days. As a result of her expertise and guidance I started to feel calmer within a short period of time. Being 3 weeks post op now, I have made then most remarkable progress. I was discharged from hospital to home on Day 2 and have not looked back. Of course I had the best surgeon, however, I am absolutely convinced the treatment offered by Chris helped me greatly with the healing process. Am feeling empowered and have astounded myself, my physio, family and friends. Am unable to believe the courage and patience I have experienced. It has been nothing short of a miracle. I highly recommend Chris from Working with Nature to make a Difference in your life.
Nada. Sutherland Shire, Sydney
Chris has several modalities to bring to a client’s present situation. Apart from the Australian Bush and Bach Remedies I was given to take, it was suggested to soak my feet for 30 minutes each day in a Celtic Salt every night for a month or so. It was also suggested to take a good mineral tablet for skin, hair and nails. Although I only went to see Chris twice, whilst walking about 4 weeks after my last consultation, I realised for the first time in 18 months, I didn’t have any pain in my feet. The relief has continued. I still have Lymph in my right foot but to a lesser extent. What Chris did not know, is that her remedies took away a growing number of small panic attacks which I was having. These were bringing on Gall attacks. I had only just started to have them for about 4 months. The remedies made them disappear overnight and the emotional calm has continued
V.C. Marsfield
I came to Chris with uncomfortable physical symptoms eg. rash and unshakeable feelings. Am so thankful and blown away by the results. Chris prescribed Flower Remedies and Homeopathics which not only cleared the physical symptoms but also soothed the inner turmoil I was suffering . Chris is the most kind, generous and authentic healer I've had the pleasure of working with and I'm so grateful for the care and precision she shares. Everyday feels easier and more aligned.
Natalie. Inner West Sydney
Hi Chris, Thank you for your kind support and professional guidance through my past life regression. Afterwards I felt a deep sense of closure in the area of my life I felt blocked and held back. Today I can honestly say I have consciously let go of the old baggage. My creativity and motivation are back! Thanks again!
L.B. Sutherland Shire, Sydney
I cannot believe the shift in my emotional state after undergoing a Past Life Regression with Chris. This was my 7th Regression and the "Eternal Now" technique really honed in on the emotional upheaval I was experiencing and the past life that was magnifying these feelings. Since the Regression the fear, doubt and panic I was experiencing has dissolved. I am blown away!! I highly recommend Chris and the miracles she helps catalyse.
Tim L. Katoomba
Chris has been a genuine and kind soul since the moment I entered her space. She has gone above and beyond to assist my healing and growth, which is the main reason that I am drawn to her aura. I was recommended to meet with Chris by a school friend and I cannot express how thankful I am for this. The Flower Remedies and Homeopathics are the aids but Chris is the teacher. She aims to ensure that you feel safe and secure, while learning tools to better guide your current and future self. When I have felt confused or skeptical about her services, Chris has been gentle in her approach to help me better understand. I am happy to call Chris a friend, she is a wonderful healer who truly wants you to be the best version of yourself. Thank you Chris, I will always be appreciative of your generosity.
J.T. Sutherland
Chris, the revelations since my Between Lives Regression has been indescribable. Thank you so much for helping me piece together so many valuable aspects of my Spiritual journey.
S.N. Oatley
Thank you thank you! We are so happy. You have been amazing Chris and we can’t possibly put into words what your help and support has meant to us. Sending you all the love in the world from our whole family.
O. Manca. Penrith
You were very helpful and settled my nerves. My new job is amazing, I’m grateful for all the work we did this year together as it has me gain courage to start this new path with a fresh perspective. I credit a lot of that to you.
C.G. North Sydney
Thank you for your time today Chris! I really enjoyed the reading and found your insights therapeutic and uncannily accurate. The stress and angst I was feeling before coming on has been washed away.
Anon. Sydney
Hi Chris, Have woken feeling so much better. Feeling much more hope and positivity … You are worth every penny. Thank you. I’m feeling so much more reassured today. I am so appreciative of your words.
S.T. Sydney
“Many nights I have had to sit up in bed to relieve heartburn and indigestion and would have to take medication to ease the pain. I have found taking a dose of Australian Bush Flower Essence which Chris refers to as “Calm“, I fall straight back to sleep”
Steffi. Mortdale.
Chris has a unique set of skills and one of her greatest is her ability to listen to what people are saying and see beyond the words to anything deeper going on. I am writing to both endorse and recommend Chris as a healer and Reiki Practitioner.
Christina. Turramurra
The Reiki healings have been extremely comforting to my mind, body and soul. Your intuitions during these healings have been so spot on and have really allowed me to delve deeper into the situations I’ve been dealing with.Thank you for helping me on the path back to wellness. Your loving support has been much needed and appreciated!
Victoria. Dulwich Hill
I am so happy Chris, because my skin, and efforts to loose weight have improved dramatically since taking the Flower remedy you have made for me. The condition of Endometriosis can be so challenging, thank you so much.
Cathy. Kogarah
Thank you so much Chris for your ongoing care and thoughts. Your words have certainly helped me through a very difficult time of life. The Australian Bush Flower remedies which you have made me for me also helped me to feel like living again
Gina. Beecroft
Chris is an amazing lady, deff someone special who I am so grateful to have crossed paths with. She has helped me in so many ways
Leanne Saeag. Western Suburbs
Chris has helped me in the past many times, highly recommend her work
Lisa Treccase. Cecil Hills
Chris constantly checks in and offers ongoing loving support, guidance and help. I recommend her so highly and would send anyone I know to her for healing and guidance
Erin D. Drummoyne
I have been using Chris’ flower remedies on and off for two years when I need them. I’ve had amazing results and very noticeable shifts every time, even when I have not been as disciplined about taking them. I’ve also had Crystal Healing with Chris for digestive issues with immediate relief and many Psychic Readings all of which gave me huge comfort and clarity, explained patterns in my life and provided helpful insights for making big decisions
My goodness where do I even begin? Chris has been one of the Richer blessings to my life and also to so many of my friends. She has helped me on so many levels with healing, Psychic Readings, Flower Remedies and other Modalities that have helped me through many difficult and challenging times. She has added to my decisions and my personal life decisions and I am literally a different person now since my time with Chris. Our journey exploring Past Lives through Past Life Regression has really taken things to a new level and now I am powerfully connected to my soul purpose in this life and making a difference in my life and lives of many more people as a result. Thank you so much for helping me on my Journey.
Tim. Mortdale
Even with all of my experience with alternative healing and energy work, I was amazed by this profound and immediate shift. The healing was both in physical symptoms and soon after, the situation in my life that was causing them. Chris has been an amazing help to me in times of physical struggle and spiritual growth. Not only her guidance always absolutely correct but she is very gentle, kind and thoughtful in her delivery. Her approach always feels empowering
Anon. Sydney
I came to Chris with digestive issues that no one else could help me with. I had stabbing pains in my stomach, on and off for a year and after thousands of dollars on Naturopaths (not to discount this work) and an ultrasound looking for possibly a tumour or ulcer, Chris immediately identified an energetic issue which then began to resolve almost overnight.
It has been such a blessing to have your support, guidance and truly magic potions
E.D. Drummoyne
Really appreciate your help and encouragement. Want you to know how assuring it is to have your loving guidance
Name Withheld. Inner West
Hi Chris…Concentration Remedy doing wonders
N.L. Melbourne
Wonderful experience – very Positive – thank you
E.A. Sydney
Thank you for all your wonderful insights, life seems a lot lighter now
Regina Mills. Northern Beaches (Sydney)
Hey Chris, feeling so much better after the Consultation and Healing the other night. The Anxiety has settled now and am feeling more grounded and focused. This means more than words can say….Thank you so much.
A.P. The Hills Area. Sydney
Chris to me is heaven sent. Whenever I need an injection of wisdom or guidance, she’s the first person I’ll call. Her intuition and understanding of people is extraordinary. Chris has always given me advice that has never let me down and for that I am truly grateful
M. Kelly. Eastern Suburbs, Sydney
Chris, I was amazed…my family in Spirit passed on a very special message to me through your psychic ability…am so grateful as this has brought so much Healing
Julie. Goulburn
Very exciting Chris, so much of what came up in my Reading earlier this year Is coming to fruition….Appreciate your insights and care
Helena. Eastern Suburbs, Sydney
I would write you a Testimonial for you every day. That is how much you have helped me. Since I have seen you I am completely different….with a completely different look on life. I appreciate you more than you will ever know.
J.M. Sydney
Hi Chris, I’m just with (Name withheld). Her and I were just thinking of you and speaking about you. About how amazing you are and have you have truly helped us. We believe that you are so amazing we appreciate everything you have done for us. Thinking of you…
Name Withheld
Such a shame (not winning the 2017 Outstanding Health Improvement Services for the Inner West Award) Chris but we already know you are “the best” in what you do
Sarah Fasch. Oatley
Outstanding achievement Chris, becoming a Finalist (in the Local Business Awards is a reflection of all your Commitment, Care and Guidance
P.S. Melbourne
I was so tired and lethargic yesterday…But after a brilliant night’s sleep I woke completely refreshed and revitalised, the “Stamina” Flower Remedy kicked in and I feel completely recharged. I would like to say what a “Beautiful” person you are Chris, I do thank you for what you do and continue to do for people with your kindness and your Remedies.” Michael, Brighton-le-Sands. Thank you, Chris…What you do is inspirational and a gift.
J.C. Inner West
What is very interesting whilst taking the Flower Remedies is them subject of dreams…lots of sadness being released….It’s been interesting. All in all enjoying the refreshed headspace and feeling more equipped to move my life forward
Name withheld. Sydney
I really do appreciate your help with all of this. It is good to be able to talk to someone who understands.
S. Fasch. Oatley
Thanks for tonight (Past Life Regression)…An incredible Experience.
L.C. Inner West
Chris has been an absolute angel! I have been going through some pretty rough times and where I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Chris was there for me to show me the way. I’ll always be grateful to have met Chris and for everything she did for me I am sure we were meant to meet that afternoon in front of Glebe Markets. I instantly felt I could trust her. Meeting for the first time literally made my day and has left me much more empowered and encouraged about my future. Me and my friend went to see her the same day again in her office which only proved our first impression of her.
Name Withheld
All in all I can say Chris is an Amazing human being that won’t let you down and will provide you with high class service! And by providing her service she is definitely helping the world to be a better place! Love you Chris and thanks so much for everything! Thank you for always talking sense. Love always
Tutu. Sydney
I wouldn’t have got through this (trauma) without you! Thank you so much I so so appreciate everythingn you did for me and owe you…It is Amazing what you do.
T.Y. Darlinghurst
Thanks so much Chris. My friend seems to have made such progress. So happy to see.
W.G. Sydney.
I am very grateful for meeting you and I will always see you……as you have helped me so much I would like to return that to you
Name Withheld. Sydney
I am sorry I was in such a state today, am so grateful of your calming and loving ways
A.J. Sydney



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