Bach/Australian Bush Flower Remedies

Such cultures as the Egyptians, Babylonians, Aborigines and many more, understood that there are various forms of healing benefits from the use of flowers, plants and trees. Some in herbal and aromatherapy applications, however, the flower remedies (Bach/Australian Bush Flower Remedies) are what are known as “vibrational remedies” – working on our “frequency”/energy.

Amazingly, every living organism whether plant, animal or human has an energy field, our “aura”. It is multi layered and can project out many metres, have different colours and contain much information. One of the layers out is our emotional layer. As the name implies it connects with the feelings and responses to different situations and people.

The ancient civilisations discovered the connection between the vibrational remedies and healing emotions. By collecting flowers without actually touching it themselves (otherwise this would put their own DNA on it), by using leaves, twigs, other flowers, etc, then placing them in a large glass bowl filled with spring water. sat in the sunlight for 2 hours. During this time the sun’s rays would penetrate through and release the healing properties into the water. This became the mother tincture or concentrate. A small amount of brandy added to prevent the formation of bacteria. This then became a remedy to help with a particular emotion, taken in the form of drops, either taken internally or applied topically.

This process continued for thousands of years … in the late 1880’s, Dr Edward Bach, a Harley Street Practitioner who was working with creating vaccines and anti-biotics, observed with the worsening of patients’ condition and subsequent side effects bringing even more health concerns. Using the same concept as the Egyptians and many other cultures, Dr Bach continued his discoveries and went on to create 38 different remedies (eg. Holly to address jealousy), In combining 5 of them to become the highly regarded, Bach Rescue Remedy – a very special gift to the world, used by babies, children, adults, animals and plants. Dr Bach felt 50 years on, there would be something to continue his work.


Ironically, 50 years later, Naturopath and Homeopath, Ian White introduced the first of the Australian Bush Flower Remedies .. Using the same concept, gathering flowers and leaves from sometimes very remote parts of Australian – even crocodile infested waters! Ian has been so innovative with extending this magical work into creating remedies from the energy of very high energy areas such as Glastonbury, England, the Antarctic to name a couple.

The Remedies are taken as drops under the tongue, added to creams or misted both morning and night for 2 weeks Incredibly, by simply holding the bottle is 90% effective of taking it. Additional doses (not the number of drops) will expediate the healing process.

Usually after 2 weeks, an energetic layer has shifted and it is time to review whether to move to a new Remedy, take for a few additional days or have a break, etc. These are all natural are transformational in helping with mental, emotional, spiritual and physical situations.

The concept of metaphysics (ie the emotions linked with physical emotions eg. anger/frustration related to the digestive system; fear to the kidneys, etc) is the key to how the Flower Remedies can help with improvement and sometimes reversal (eg. Waratah essence in some cases even reverse Glaucoma, a challenging eye condition).

Some of the many areas of healing are with – Asthma, Digestive situations, Fears/Phobias, Food intolerances, Grief, Anger management, Attention Deficit Disorder, Coordination, Relationship/Family Healing, Confidence, Concentration/Study, Anxiety, Heart conditions, Dementia, Expression/Communication, “Healthy boundaries”, Behaviour patterns, Addictions, the list is endless. There are countless Testimonials on on that page of my website if you would like to visit. Please contact me by calling/sms on Ph 0413 933 814 or email

There are many Remedies which can help either generally, however as we are all unique, it is preferable to create personalised Remedies. This involves a 45 mins Consultation and a 15 mins phone follow up for each of the Remedies (which can be booked through the Booking/Pricing page “Consultation for Remedy Preparation”)  or if you prefer a different time than is showing, you are welcome to contact directly to arrange.

Am very grateful to be living my passion and I would love to connect with you as “Working with nature to make a difference” is not only my business name but a privilege.




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