Animal Healing /Communication

Animals, like children, are very Spiritual, “knowing”, and open to natural therapies. Often they have a more “accepting” perspective of the “unexplained” than humans which opens the opportunity of healing even more. 

Many years ago, my family and I lived next to a very special Golden Labrador, named Harvey, so cute he was able to be very mischievous, however, able to melt your heart with those amazing brown eyes. Given the opportunity, I would give Harvey, Reiki. It makes me “misty” as I type. Harvey’s owners rarely gave him the Love and emotional care he deserved. Such a Spiritual being, he would literally lie on his back and put his paws towards his heart…he just knew the area where the Healing would be most beneficial. As the Reiki continued he would look into my eyes, with his Soul, licking my hands with appreciation. May God Bless you Harvey..wherever you are..little did you know..or maybe you did, it was myself he was receiving the Healing most of all. 

Bach and the Australian Bush Flower Remedies bring such relief in many and varied situations from releasing sad memories of the past, fear, boredom, anxiety, digestive, sensitivity to heat, behaviour patterns to name just a few.

There are many Remedies which can help generally, however, it is excellent if a Consultation is arranged so we can establish the background, dynamics and also what may be happening with the owner’s Life. As mentioned earlier, often pets will respond to their owner’s patterns, behaviours and emotions, etc. It is usually suggested that the owner also takes the Remedy also.                                                

There are various ways the Flower Remedies or Homeopathics can be used eg. by putting 7 drops on the owner’s hands, then running their hands through their pet’s coat or feathers, putting on their nose or beak, on their collar, using as a mist to spray bedding, sleeping area, toys, the pet an/or their owner, put on food, treats or in drinking water .. all with the goal of bringing emotional balance .. in turn this creates physical, mental and Spiritual wellbeing also …”Naturally” – Magically side effects.

Namaste ,

Chris .   

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