dreams come true….

I had an inspiration to work overseas…it materialised just a few weeks ago (March 2018) …what better place to go to the Spiritual Centre… England, UK? Icons such as St Paul’s Cathedral and the enchanting mix of Coventry Garden surround the London Natural Health Centre, Holborn which was our base. A beautiful old terrace building, …

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consultations The theme of a consultation can vary from relationship challenges, career choices, family situations, personal development, grief, life direction, etc – anything at all really. The goal is to be able to share feeling “heard” in a safe, confidential and caring environment. These can be in person or by phone/Whatsapp, etc.   In speaking with someone, …

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animal healing /communication

As we know, animals are Magical – whether living in their own environment or as a domestic pet, they bring such beautiful experiences.  Like humans, they too have emotions and often will empathically take on their owner’s feelings or health conditions because they care.

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