Behaviour Patterns and Natural Therapies

We are comprised of many different aspects including body networks, emotions, mental responses and a fascinating concept called our Belief system. The latter is a part of our subconscious.

Throughout our childhood we experience a myriad of feelings … actually every second of our being is recorded within our subconscious. These become what we call memories, stored in the long-term memory sector of our brain.

Our interaction with our parents, siblings, friends and strangers can play a huge part in how we “view” others and the world. Actually, it is even more related to how we “see” ourselves. Like a sophisticated radar system, we are all sending “silent”, yet very strong “signals” via our body language, actions, tone of voice, choice of words, etc.” … without realising we are assessing whether they “listened” to or “liked” us, if we are popular enough to be invited to an occasion, be included in a group, selected in a team and much more … these questions can open up such deep underlying thoughts, often asking ourselves are we seen to be “a nice person”, “good enough”, “worth spending time with” to name a few … all part of what can be held in the person’s Belief system.

Surprisingly, our Belief system is generally 90% formed by the time we are three years of age … such an early stage of life to form of a profile of the self. At the age of three, we do not have the ability to filter or discern between this information as to the truth or perception. If the “messages” are positive, the person is more likely to have a high level of self-worth and feel confident. These feelings reinforce what we already have “learnt” and can be our gauge.

Alternatively, if a child has been rejected, teased or bullied, this can leave them feeling alone, apprehensive and fearful …usually taking on thoughtforms such as “I don’t deserve to be chosen/loved/included, etc … potentially resulting in fear of rejection, change or trusting to name just a few. If these perceptions are not reset, it can continue in to adult years with very damaging effects in many different parts of their life including relationships, career paths and more.

Interestingly, our subconscious does not understand what is “real” and what is not – all part of Quantum Physics. Just like the saying, “Is the glass half full or half empty?” It depends on what we do with the information. It is our free will choice to accept or negate whatever comes into our life.

Sometimes beliefs are projected by others. It has been said that children absorb 80% of what they “see” and 20% by what they hear. In other words, often a child can either inherit or copy parents or those around them.

The excellent news is it takes 21 days of repetition to develop a new pattern or habit. The subconscious accepts this is the way it has ALWAYS done this .. Amazing!

The other part of us is managed by the conscious mind which requires logic, reasons, rationale and answers. It can process ideas, work out methods and implementation. It plays a key role in setting goals, planning, arranging. This can be the exciting and motivating.

For those who hold self-love and acceptance they have a far greater chance of succeeding with their vision than someone who sadly does not really believe they deserve to feel empowered. When it comes to this there is a “mixed message”, often resulting in self sabotage and consequently reinforcement of a self-fulfilling prophecy…such as “I knew I could not do it .. the same thing always happens, I failed” etc.

We know we are unable to change the past however, definitely there are many ways we can reset and change how we feel about it.

This is where Natural Therapies can assist in such an empowering way. The very subtle, yet magical Bach/Australian Bush Flower Remedies, Homeopathics and Past Life Regression can help release and what is more transform from non-beneficial to very positive belief.

Some of the specific Flower Remedies such as Boab to assist with clearing non-beneficial family traits/Bottlebrush for the “letting go” of the past/ someone/something in particular/Five Corners – an extraordinary Australian Bush Flower which not only promotes self-confidence it also has the benefit of protecting against self-sabotage.

When it comes to Homeopathics, in a megapotency form (ie High potency), a Remedy such as Hydrastis for someone who feels a deep sense of guilt. This person can find the “receiving” very difficult.

Past Life Regression brings the possibility of going back to the lifetime which holds the “very first event”. The goal to release the energy around this from the outset and bring the healing benefit from there into now and the futuretion … such an empowering Modality.

Like to learn more? Apart from the links to other parts of my website through the Thoughts page. I would love to speak with you more about how you can create a new future, starting today. Please contact me on 0413 933 814, alternatively arrange a free 20-minute Consultation where I can share more of the benefits of how Nature can bring you to your fullest potential – You deserve it … you ALWAYS have..


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