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Over the past few months, I have connected with some clients who have shared their experiences with eating disorders. It saddened me to learn that either a response to a situation or a flippant comment by someone – unaware of the effects it could create.

For one young person, maybe will refer to as a fictitious name, to protect her privacy, as Cara, reflected on their childhood where they viewed their sister to always be far more attractive, taller, slighter build, clearer skin, achieved higher marks with study, etc. Sadly Cara (as a mutual friend had described “beautiful inside and out”) could not see their own gifts, beauty and skills. In Year 10 there was a very strong desire to go down a couple of sizes to wear a particular dress style at the Year 10 Formal. The goal was reached with some very intense dieting and extreme exercising. With the occasion past and then reverting to the original size, the quest began to loose as much weight as possible so as to feel more socially acceptable.

From there it went down to a very unrealistic level. So much so that Cara at times collapsed after the intense exercise. Mainstream assistance was sought which the meant them being admitted to a specific ward in a hospital where meal times were monitored, people watching the group of us eat…then there was the “weighing.” If you didn’t eat there were consequences. To quote Cara said, “my family just dropped me off there and I was on my own. It was so hard, felt so alone especially since it was a couple of hours from where I lived. I didn’t see my family very often at all during that time. One friend kept in contact. We are still friends today, some ten years later. Means so much.”

Cara went on to say that since then, there were years of Psychologists, Dietician and similar type Practitioner appointments, it was so intense. From there Cara feels it kind of levelled out however, transformed into obsessive thoughts of a different kind. The feeling of uncleanliness, shame and guilt… anxiety, feeling out of control and overwhelmed.  This seemed to occur around the same time the relationship changed with her father.

Skin, hormonal changes and anxiety seemed to be the most challenging concerns at that time. Many tests and potential diagnosis of physical conditions were given. Needless to say it became more mentally and emotionally disturbing for her. Deep concerns of her appearance, in turn Cara’s skin became more eruptive.

So grateful as a long standing Client referred Cara for an introductory Consultation please click here to learn more. Initially we spoke about Hormonal effects, Endometriosis, etc. Once we arranged to have an actual Consultation, we started to go deeper as to what was really underneath it … self-acceptance and transforming “shame” and suppressed anger, resentment into self-forgiveness and pride.

Am excited to share that in a few short weeks, Cara has become more confident within herself, she can see how her skin has improved and is more aware of the “bigger picture” and how her future is now a glass half full so to speak. Amazing Australian Bush Flower Essence, Billy Goat Plum for Shame, self-loathing, Dagger Hakea for resentment, etc were a part of the initial personalised Flower Remedy. We are now working with the second Remedy. Amongst many, Australian Bush Flower Essence, Five Corners for self- worth and protection against self-sabotaged are assisting. In a few short weeks, there has been such an extraordinary shift, click here to learn more. May it continue.

Another client had a similar experience as a result of a lack of connection with her family, particularly their father – “being physically, mentally and emotionally unavailable. They too outlined how the mainstream approach, hospitalisation, record-keeping and treatment was so detrimental. With Flower Remedies/Homeopathics and Past Life Regression they too have made outstanding progress. Please click here to learn more about how these Modalities can play a part in deep healing.

So much so, they are considering starting their own business to be able to assist others with similar patterns.

It is so encouraging to know there are now many organisations (eg. the Butterfly Foundation which encourage people of varying ages/genders to accept themselves instead of the image of “perfection” which leads people to the dream life. Advertising in the fast world suggest the exterior holds the answer to happiness.

As always, “it’s what is on the inside which matters”. As beautiful Dr Edward Bach, founder of the Bach Flower Remedies, derived, when we are in emotional balance, we heal thyself.”  

If you or anyone you know of would like to connect and speak about the benefits of Natural Therapies and Spiritual Healing with this isolating condition, please contact today. Would love for others to be empowered and live the life of self appreciation and love.

Chris x

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