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Pain is described as a stimuli creating a response to protect the part of the body which activates the nervous system. It is an individual concept and overall people have different tolerance levels. For some people or animals, they are more vulnerable and for others, they can tolerate a higher level before it affects them as much. It is all relative as this feeling/s are intervening in their life in some way. This is the body’s way of alerting us that resetting is important.

This response is one way our body’s protective systems keep us safe. Danger detectors in the body transmit information to the brain, which may or may not create pain based on all the other information available, as well as previous experiences.

We have danger detectors which signal when tissue is approaching its safe limit. This helps prevents tissue damage. If this were to occur, these detectors become much more sensitive. Both social and psychological factors, as well as past experiences can powerfully influence pain by complex processes in the brain.

Generally there are four types of pain –

Chronic – that which is more persistent/lasting pain that seemingly continues for more than three months or past normal healing time. As a result of this type, the pain system can become overprotective of a certain part of the body, meaning pain can be felt even when body tissues are actually safe. Some people experience chronic pain even when the injury or apparent body damage. This type of pain is linked to conditions such as –

  • headache
  • arthritis
  • cancer
  • nerve pain
  • back pain
  • Fibromyalgia

Acute – occurs suddenly and is caused by something specific. It is usually sharp in quality and generally dissipates when the cause heals. Some of the reasons for pain are –

  • injury
  • surgery
  • broken bones
  • dental work
  • burns or cuts
  • childbirth

Neuropathic symptoms may include spontaneous pain ie which comes without stimulation – “shooting”, burning, stabbing or electric shock-like pain, tingling, numbness or “pins and needles” sensations. Peripheral neuropathy can result from traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic situations, inherited causes and exposure to toxicity. Some examples of this type are – Diabetes, infection (herpes zoster), nerve compression, autoimmune disease.

Nociceptive – type of pain caused by damage to body tissue. This type of pain is created by damage to body tissue. It is described as being sharp, aching or throbbing pain – often caused by external injury eg. twisting an ankle, stubbing the toe, etc.

Emotional pain – this comes from grief, disappointment, anger, fear, etc and as we have become aware is a result of what is happening in our life and the association between the feelings and various organs, etc in our body. These are known as metaphysicals. The emotions we experience are reflected in our body. Amazingly our body is constantly healing itself. Bach/Australian Bush Flower Remedies/Homeopathics can help and those you care about it – including pets,  click here to learn more.

When our emotions are aligned, it allows the immune system to continue its role. are out of balance eg. fear, the kidneys can be affected, anger meantime relates to the digestive system, etc. Whilst we are unable to undo the past, we can readjust as to how we feel about it ….

An example of this from the extraordinary “Secret Language of the Body” by Inna Segal,

Migraines – control, pressure, seriousness, perfectionism. Over committing yourself. Great need for love and approval. Ignoring your own needs. Putting other people before you. Extreme guilt and anxiety, Conflict with self and other people. Self-punishment. Feeling angry and annoyed with others. Saying, “You are giving me a headache.”

Natural Therapies can open us so many different outcomes, whether it be in the form of relief and healing with acute situations with my new product – Homeopathic First Aid Kit. Please click here to learn more about them. Also to arrange and purchase at the Introductory price of $95 for 10 x 10gms. They can be customised within the choice of 14 different themes including Pain Combination/Flu/Hay-fever/Gastrointestinal/Bites, Burns and Stings/Lice/Worming/Energy/Rescue Remedy 30c (Bach Flower Remedy)/Sleep/Energy (Australian Bush Flower Remedy), Bones, Thorns, Splinters … all Natural.

Pain Combination contains Homeopathic Remedies Belladonna 10M – Chamomilla 10M – Hypericum 10M – Staphisagria 10M. A perfect combination to help bring relief. As with all of the above-mentioned First Aid Remedies can be purchased as an interchangeable or additional at $10 each or without buying the Kit at $15 per vial.

Alternatively, emotional pain with Bach / Australian Bush Flower/ Homeopathics / Past Life Regression, Healing and much more, would love to work with you.

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact on either phone 0413 933 814 or email –

As always for those under the care of conventional or complementary Practitioners, any changes, etc are to be under supervision.

Grateful as always of your ongoing connection.

Namaste Chris x

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