As I type I am recovering from my second experience of Shingles – such a “cruel” condition. The first was about ten years ago. Two positives amidst – kindness of others and the Gratitude for Natural Therapies. They have been the integral aspects of turning this situation around.

Shingles as you may be aware is a version of the herpes zoster virus which is the reactivation of the varicella zoster virus. For that reason anyone who has had chickenpox can develop shingles According to the virus which causes shingles lies dormant in nearly all adults over 50 years of age, having said that people as young as 28 years of less have been known to contract this very challenging condition. Needless to say there are varying degrees of severity which of course affects the duration.

It seems about one in three people will develop shingles in their lifetime (please God not). The two main factors are a compromised immune system. This is exactly what happened to me with my having Covid19 whilst in London in July this year when I travelled to attend Wimbledon. Upon arrival I had Covid which of course has a very detrimental effect on the immune system. It went from there. It seems as though Covid transformed into shingles. This is almost 4 months on… Hmm. It has been horrific.     The other “ingredient” is not really surprising – stress.

Some of the symptoms include extremely painful and blistering rash – usually in a stripe of blisters that wraps either the left or right side of the body, following a nerve path. Places it can appear being the torso, arms, thighs or head, including the face, ears or eyes, however, most commonly the abdomen and chest areas.

For myself it is impossible to describe the intense pain and what’s more it is so changeable. Anything from a strange tingling sensation, stabbing, burning, aching, “razor blades” then it could be the most uncontrollable itchiness – or a lack of any feeling at all – numbness. As for sleep so very disruptive. All of this and more make it Not surprisingly with the effect on the nerve endings of the overall central nervous system, normal everyday experiences such as contact with water (even away from the affected area – eg. wetting the feet, can bring an instant stabbing to the affected area – indescribable really). The slightest of breeze for instance turning the air vent on whilst driving is intolerable. Also the mildest of sunlight can be so very hurtful.

Some of the above symptoms that being the tingling, numbness or itching can in fact appear 48 – 72 hours before the rash appears. In so much as being contagious, if someone has already had chickenpox it is internal so to speak. It cannot therefore be passed on to another person. This is different if a person has not had chicken pox, comes in to contact with someone who is in the blister stage of a person who unfortunately has shingles, they could contract chicken pox. The chances of having shingles more than once is about 5%, having said that the likelihood increases if the person has a weakened immune system.

As mentioned earlier, I was and continue to remain very grateful of being able to have Bach/Australian Bush Flower Remedies/Homeopathics/Naturopathic Remedies click here to learn more.All working with the same goal through their different forms. In saying since the symptoms are so intense and from one to another, I have made and experienced many Remedies during the past 6 weeks especially. Being able to have the Homeopathic form of the herpes zoster virus at a very high potency assisted with the “diffusing/negating” if we could say, of the virus. There was the agonising pain of the nerve endings, amazing Australian Bush Flower Remedies click here to learn more such as Slender Rice Flower to do it’s extraordinary work. For the redness, Homeopathics click here to learn more such as Belladonna or Bush Flower Remedy, Mulla Mulla. So many Remedies. Thank you God for having access to them and being able to potentise (make them to a higher potency for them to work deeper and faster).

As always natural therapies is looking to the holistics..the person as a “whole”. Two people can have exactly the same condition however due to their variation in signs and symptoms/personality types/genetics/etc, may in fact require two different Remedies.  This is the reason and importance of having a Consultation click here to learn more, easily by phone. If someone prefers this can be done on a person’s behalf, by a family member/friend/etc.

These are just some insights, so much more to share … Would love to speak with you as to how the above-mentioned can assist. There is the opportunity of a 20mins Introductory Consultation click here to learn more. Please contact by phone/sms on 0413 933 814 or email –

As always for those under the care of conventional or complementary Practitioners, any changes, etc are to be under supervision.

Ongoing Gratitude for your time and energy.

Namaste Chris x

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