Back pain and what it means

According to a recent survey four out of every five people experience back pain in their life, at some time or other. Quite often back pain is as a result of something as simple as, bending down to pick something up, lifting an object heavier than expected or carrying it too far, etc. Most times rest and warmth assist however, if the pain continues it is advisable to determine the effects.

The differentiation between bone or skeletal and muscle back pain is generally, bone pain feels sharper deeper and more debilitating than muscle pain. Three symptoms of muscle strain include sudden muscle pain, often from a certain movement or injury, muscle spasm, muscle that is sore to touch, pain that may ease with rest, muscle weakness.

For those who experience back pain at night or whilst at rest may indicate a different health situation. Examples such as infection, cancer and a disorder known as Cauda Equina syndrome may all cause back discomfort as can the compression of nerve roots that result in the loss of both of sensation and mobility. (

Our back, like our feet endures so much – in constant use, even when lying down. From a holistic viewpoint, it is accepted that our organs are related to different emotions. With the “vital force”, immune system working and ongoing reproduction of new cells, etc. the remaining factor is emotional balance click here to learn more.

The following is an extract of the amazing book, “Secret Language of your Body” by Inna Segal. As always not all meanings need apply, however there is usually something related. There are so many more, I have just included some from various parts of the spine.

“ Spine  –  Possible Contributing Factors – 

Feeling weak, confused, fearful and insecure. Difficulty communicating with others and asking for what you want. Feeling and unsupported and alone. Not knowing who or where to ask for help. Feeling that the world is an unsafe place to live in. Trying to protect yourself from pain and hurt. Feeling stuck in a pattern or situation you can’t get out of.

Cervical Spine – Neck Region  

C1 –  Feelings of fear, confusion, fight or flight, wanting to run away from problems and responsibilities. Feeling insecure not good enough, too focused on other people’s opinions. Taking on other people’s problems, difficulty saying no, playing mind games. 


On the physical level – headaches, migraines, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, exhaustion, nervous breakdowns or anxiety attacks due to the effect of negative feelings on the sympathetic nervous system, pituitary gland, brain and middle ear.

Thoracic Spine – Mid-Back Region

T2 – Feeling shut down and unable to fully give and receive love. Controlling, protecting the heart from hurt, holding on to pain and heartbreak from the past. Distrusting, always on guard, thinking that someone is working against you and is going to hurt you. Inability to love or nurture yourself. Holding on to too much fear and worry; feeling helpless and hopeless, like a victim of your life. 

On the physical level – chest infections as well as heart problems, including complications with the arteries and valves.

Lumbar Spine – Lower Back Region

L1 – Feeling poisoned by resentment, stagnation and unresolved issues from the past, Thoughts and words don’t align with your actions, leading to feelings of confusion, depression criticism and sadness. Needing to forgive, move forward and take positive action in order to heal.  

On the physical level – constipation, colitis, diarrhea, hernias.

The aim is to release the non-beneficial emotions with the use of the Bach/Australian Bush Flower Remedies, Homeopathics, Past Life Regression and/or the myriad of healing modalities click here to learn more. To free the physical body of such challenges and reset so that the physical and emotional energies are aligned.

Extraordinary Australian Bush Flower Remedies such as Spinifex (interestingly “Spinifex”.. even the wording is similar to “Spine-fix”), Gymea Lily are connected with back pain. There are many more can bring relief. With Homeopathics Ruta is very helpful in a Megapotency form.  As we are individuals and experience different responses, it is advisable to arrange a Consultation so I can determine the most connecting Remedies for you or someone you care about.

Would love to speak with you as to how the above-mentioned can assist. There is the opportunity of a 20mins Introductory Consultation click here to learn more. My contact is either by phone/sms on 0413 933 814 or email –

As always for those under the care of conventional or complementary Practitioners, any changes, etc are to be under supervision.

Grateful as always of your time and energy.

Namaste Chris x

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