Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)

Bedwetting or Nocturnal Enuresis can be a common experience when children are young, especially for those up to the age of three or four years of age. According to statistics from Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, it would seem as though by the time children are six, only one in ten and one in twenty by the age of ten. The information goes on to say that sometimes it continues into adolescence.

What part of the brain governs continence?

The brainstem is located at the base of the skull. Within the brainstem is the pons, a specialized area that serves as a major relay centre between the brain and the bladder. The pons is responsible for coordinating the activities of the urinary sphincters and the bladder.

What causes bedwetting?

From a physical “medical” perspective there can be a few explanations –

  • genetics – often if a parent experienced this situation in their childhood, it can create a tendency for their children to also
  • smaller bladder capacity
  • deep sleeper – the child doesn’t respond when the brain sends the message to wake
  • the child makes more urine than usual at night, usually less is made in the evening
  • if there is a constipation situation, this can also contribute to bedwetting

Even though these may be seen to be all part of a child’s growing-up experience it can be very challenging for a child and concerning for parents. It may also affect their self-esteem and sociability. As a child grows older, if this were still happening it may mean choosing not to join friends on “sleepovers”, parties, school camps, etc and in fact their confidence in general – even schoolwork, making friends and generally joining activities, with others.

The medical world comes offers monitors, alarms, medications, etc to “manage” this condition. These may also add to how a child feels “different”, self-conscious and more. Free will of course as some may choose to use this approach.

Seeing this from a different perspective, with the emotional balance in mind .., the kidneys are related to fear.

As always coming from a metaphysical perspective, let us refer to the amazing reference of “Secret Language of your Body” by Inna Segal –

Bedwetting – Afraid of authority. Loss of control; feelings of uncertainty. Fear punishment”.

Often this can occur if there is –

  • disharmony in the home
  • separation
  • divorce
  • loss of a family member or pet
  • feeling intimidated by “an authority figure” often this is a “father” figure/teacher/Police/etc.
  • or another child either family or at school, etc

Natural Therapies as always looks to resolve the underlying emotions – with this condition principally fear – in particular fear of authority figure. With the Bach Flowers Mimulus assists with fear when it is of a known source. eg. school bully, fear of the teacher’s tone/words, fear of a strict and disciplinarian father, etc. Aspen for apprehension, White Chestnut for reoccurring thoughts … to learn more click here.

In the same way, Australian Bush Flower Remedies, Dog Rose for fear, Red Helmet Orchid for fear of “father figure”/authority figure can be added to a personalised Remedy. It is very beneficial to arrange a Consultation so all of the aspects can be addressed … to learn more click here. The beautiful Flower Remedies can also enhance self-confidence, creating “healthy boundaries”, expression and many other empowering attributes.

These gifts of nature can be taken in the form of drops under the tongue, put in drinks, added to food, applied to the skin, and in creams added to an atomiser for misting around self and surrounding areas. All-natural, safe for any age (and pets). Even holding the Remedy is 90% effective of taking it – How extraordinary is that!

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