Déjà vu Versus Past Life Memories

Ever felt like you have been there before?
What is déjà vu? Firstly let us understand what the word déjà vu means .. it is French for “seen before” and is the feeling that someone senses they been somewhere before (in a past life?) even though they haven’t .. quite a bizarre sensation.

past life
Scientific studies shows that about two thirds of the population have experienced this phenomena at some point in time. It seems to occur mostly when people are tired, have been travelling a lot and interestingly, have academic qualifications. The feeling of having been somewhere before, usually disappears soon after it came. It would seem that this type of occurrence, is mostly in young adulthood but gradually dissipates with age.

From a neuroscience point of view, it is linked to “memory” which is stored in a part of the brain known as the temporal lobe. This area manages long-term memories, events and facts … in specific parts of the temporal lobe also relate to recognising something as familiar. Whilst research is still continuing, what has been recognised is that people who have had or who currently have temporal lobe epilepsy (a condition where the nerve cell activity is interrupted, resulting in a seizure) – have mentioned the sensation of déjà vu just before a seizure. The common aspect is the temporal lobe bringing the connection between déjà vu and memory.

The relationship between people who are tired and overwhelmed is that both of these can affect short and long-term memory. If the memory is affected, it will occur in the temporal lobe which may create a déjà vu feeling. From a different perspective and with an openness to past lives …Maybe a person has actually “been there” before? By having a Past Life Regression, the process can bring answers to “missing pieces” of the puzzle to help resolve mental, emotional, spiritual and physical situations whether related to sabotage, phobias, relationship disharmony, unexplained health conditions and much more.
Whilst there are many different styles of Past Life Regression, I am excited to offer what I feel is the most beneficial as the Client is regressed to what is known as the “very first event”. That is to say, the very first Past Life of the underlying emotion. The “theme” of the Regression (ie. the deepest emotion under all of which someone is feeling will bring a deeper clearing). By doing this, there is an opportunity to gain an understanding of the circumstances, characters, culture, etc of that life time. Like watching a shortened version of a whole lifetime, highlighting the most significant events, people, etc.

One of the most important stages in a Regression of this type, is the Death Point, principally it is at this stage where any non-beneficial emotions can be transformed into positive for the Soul to access in the life the person is experiencing on Earth now and future incarnations. This is much easier to explain by phone and also gives the chance to ask questions and clarify.

Following insights of a Past Life Regression include – Meeting your Spirit Guide, Past Life Review, Meeting of Souls from the Life just visited and opportunity to express what wasn’t able to be then, Insights as to what the Life was really about in the “Big Picture”, discovering how many/clearing the energy from subsequent past lives with the same theme. With a new perspective, 5 Current Life Memories are checked to see how it may have been with the newly acquired wisdom and then what is termed, Future Paced, so the benefits continue.

The Past Life Regression is offered in three Parts –
Part 1 – Interview @ $80 (up to an hour)
Part 2 – Regression @ $225 (usually approx. 2- 2½ hours, for extended Regression a pro-rata may apply)
Part 3 – 15mins Complimentary Phone Follow up (whenever the Client is ready to arrange)

This appointment can be arranged for in person at Cronulla, Sydney or by phone. Regional, Interstate and International Clients find the latter so convenient.
Would love to share the Magic of Past Life Regression with you ..

Many Lives have changed as a result of this process .. Maybe your’s also?

Namaste Chris

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