Life Between Lives – Gaining the Understandings

Equally as fascinating and yet slightly different to a Past Life Regression as such, the Between Lives Regression brings much wisdom and additional pieces of our Current Life “puzzle”. It can provide insights into why we chose the Current Life lessons, body image, culture, etc and much more ….

This Modality begins with an interview and outline of the Soul’s experience in the Spirit World. This is followed by a relatively short Regression back to the Client’s Most Recent Past Life.  Generally, a separate session is arranged for the actual Life Between Lives Regression, as in itself can run for about 4 or more hours, depending on the Client. 

During the Between Lives Regression there will be an opportunity to communicate with the Client’s Spirit Guide, gain insights into what “activities” and different areas of the Spirit World, the Akashic Records Library and meet with the Elders (Spirit World Council). A particularly fascinating aspect is where as mentioned previously, when we go to area where we prepare for the next incarnation (this being the Client’s Current Life), in being offered many different choices of appearance, choice of gender, Life Lessons, gifts and challenges, etc. This can help piece together some of the dynamics and situations of the Current Life. There is a chance to ask at what age the Soul entered the physical body. Interestingly…this can be from conception upto the first 12 months of Life…

A truly Amazing Experience. Would love to connect with you and discuss the process with you soon.

Namaste ,


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