Past Life Memories – Bath, England.


Bath has an magnetic energy, anyone I have spoken with before, during or after the trip, felt the same….they just love this magical place.

The day had come, the visit to the iconic Roman Baths …. Literally standing amidst the city centre – as soon as I came to the entrance I felt dejavu – was it the smell of the dampness? The colours? The texture of the walls? The statues reminiscent of such significant Masters? Filled with excitement and wonder as I watched re-enactments beside the main Bath. Such social times, the Baths were the meeting place, filled with music, performers, markets and much more. The Romans had a very high priority of bathing, daily and in fact often twice a day.

Walking past the main Pool, with it’s distinctive green…so different now as when I had been here before there was a roof above, nowadays, this has been removed and the with exposure to the sunlight, algae forms… Bathing and swimming isn’t permitted here now – except when once a year it is cleaned in preparation from the evening celebration to honour this beautiful jewel of history.

The temperature of the underground spring water reaches 44 degrees Celsius and pours out of the earth so rapidly it can fill a bath in 8 seconds. The heat and healing properties were perfect for the Healing aspect. Deep inside the many purposes built rooms and hallways were the pools for those who travelled from afar to be cured of many diseases and conditions. Just like our present day, there where Day Spa areas also, where those who were affluent enough came with their maid or servant to mind the belongings whilst they bathed. Pins, jars, combs, etc were unearthed from the yesteryear rubble – All part of the everyday life of “the Bathonians”.

I felt so connected to this city – upon reflection, there were so many aspects of this Magical area that fitted into my current Life. Just all so mysterious to feel so much at Peace and Understanding of previous Lifetimes and to be aware of the “information” we retain on a subconscious level….

I invite you to visit this mystical part of the world ..



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