Glastonbury – The Heart Chakra Of The Earth


The Amazing village of Glastonbury – said to be the Heart Chakra of the Earth, whilst relatively small has so many Amazing Ley Lines. People gravitate here for many reasons – apart from it’s natural beauty, it is the site of the first Christian Church in Britain. Also it is known for it’s connection with the mythical King Arthur and his Knights.

In approaching Glastonbury by road the Tor stands above all of that on the horizon. A Tor is another name for “High Rock” or “Hill.” It is believed that the Tor’s ruins originated around the same time as Stonehenge was constructed. Before modern drainage, the Tor would stand above the flooded Somerset area. Sometime later a stone Church, in honour of Archangel Michael was built at the peak. Tragically in 1275, an earthquake levelled this Church. A smaller form was rebuilt in 1323 and rebuilt until the demise of Glastonbury Abbey in 1539. The Church was quarried for stone and now only the Tower remains at the top of a very steep climb. From there you can see over 3 Counties Dorset, Somerset and Devon.

Glastonbury was a major religious centre long before the time of King Arthur or Joseph of Arimathea. It is said that after the Resurrection of Jesus, Joseph shifted the archetype of the Everlasting Grail from Jeruselum to Glastonbury. Apparently, the Druids used the Tor as the centre for initiation for priests. This area is also known for its massive astrological calendar combining solar and lunar alignments and land carved zodiac map ten miles in diameter. Druids, Priests and society considered Glastonbury their “holy mecca”. There were temples, Stone Circles and sacred sites.

In speaking with a local man in Glastonbury who happily shared his Glastonbury insights, Colin felt that for people who are meant to be in the area, they move away, however, they will always return. He reinforced this with a couple who happen to pass by on the other side of the narrow road…” Them for instance, they have come back and forth 12 times. If you aren’t meant to be here either, Glastonbury will push you out” as he laughed.

Amazing… Maybe King Arthur knew that too.


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