Fertility and Natural Therapies

FERTILITY…How can Natural Therapies bring Healing and successful Conception to Hope filled Parents? Good question …especially for those who feel they “Have tried Everything”.

Remembering the basis of Natural Therapies and Spiritual Healing is to bring Emotional Balance..so the Body Heals itself… The Holistic approach is just that….Mind, Body and Spirit…. Emotional Balance is the key…

Here at Working with Nature to Make a Difference, located in Cronulla, I aim to bring Emotional Balance….I often have Clients come who have been through years of “trying” to become pregnant, clinical and impersonal testing, not to mention the financial aspect, loss of time of work time with ongoing appointments etc, literally searching for a positive outcome… the good news is no “physical” explanation … however, it is Inconclusive..Hmmm….

The outcome is …EMOTIONAL IMBALANCE… Most times Clients are filled with Fear, Grief, Isolation, Despair, Anger, Disappointment, Depression…. .
Thankfully some areas of the Medical profession are becoming more open to the effects of Emotions on their patients which is a breakthrough …

Recently a Client came and through her tears, she spoke of “our pain and fear after our third round of IVF –  everything is all clear with blood testing which is reassuring however there has to be something else..”

This can actually be quite common and how Emotional Balance plays such an important part in Conceiving .. Underlying emotions such as Fear of … Failure or even Success/Responsibility/Being “Good enough”/repeated Disappointment and Sadness …. are all part of the pieces which can “explain” the “unexplained” Bach or Australian Bush Flower Remedies can help so much…We can’t change what has happened in the Past, however, we can adjust how it feels and we manage the effects. 

Another very interesting aspect is a possible Past Life connection… A  Past or Current Life Regression would be an excellent way of clarifying anything held over from previous or earlier Current lifetimes…. Maybe a vow or fear, etc within the Client’s consciousness?

Separately or in conjunction, other Modalities which can bring Emotional Balance and successful Conception are Energetic Healing (Reiki/Quantum Vibrational/Crystal) and Ear and Body Candling.  These have brought Amazing results – for one Client after just one appointment.

Please contact me if you have any questions, I would love to Help BRING “LIFE” TO YOUR DREAMS ….. NATURALLY.



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