With Spring only a couple of weeks away…Gratitude…. Balmy breezes, sunshine, newness, longer days, beautiful flowering trees and plants… For those who experience Sinusitis, Spring can be a very challenging Season…. Stifling congestion, continual sneezing, running nose, watery eyes, headaches or even migraines, sleepless nights.. propped up with pillows just trying to get through the day or night…. I remember as a child having Sinus..most of the night seemed to be rearranging pillows, sitting in the steam filled bathroom and doing my best to simply breathe…

As I have spoken of in previous “Thoughts”, our emotions play a huge part in all aspects of our health ….

Our Psychic ability is to still our mind, maybe light a candle and concentrate on it allowing ourselves to “just be” (in asking a question).

According to Inna Segal, author of “Secret Language of your Body” –

“Sinusitis” – Experiencing irritation, frustration, fear, insecurity. Trying to keep people at a distance. Repressing feelings of anger, rage and sorrow. Carrying deep guilt and sadness from the past. Unsure how to resolve difficult situations. Over analysing; feeling worn out and split in too many directions. Difficulty standing up for yourself and your beliefs.”

Of course this is general information and only one or two emotions may apply…usually there is something relevant in there.

During the year, however, especially during the change of seasons, so many Clients arrange a Bach or Australian Bush Flower Remedy to help them. One Client said many years ago, they felt the relief as soon as they took their first ever dose…”It was instant…and Heaven…just being able to feel that relief straight away”..

The Flower Remedies can be put in bath water for babies, children, applied to a pulse point (eg. wrist or temples – especially if someone has a headache or migraine), in a drink bottle, on food, etc. Safe for your pets too…after all they spend a lot of time with their nose and body close to the ground, sniffing long grass, absorbing pollens, etc.

Excellent news with these Magical Remedies, as they can be arranged without a Consultation. All Natural…no side effects…. so different to chemically produced Anti histamines such as Drowsiness, dizziness, digestive problems, change in vision, dry mouth, nose or throat and so continues….

“Breathe Easy” a combination of Australian Bush Flower Remedies – 25mls for $20. Alternatively, if you prefer we can make a Bach Flower Remedy for the same price. More information can be found on the Modalities page.

All working towards bringing Emotional Balance…. So the body can Heal itself – that is where our Immune System comes to the rescue.

Please contact me if you have any questions.



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