Fears…. Everyone has them. Some may feel they are “Fearless”, however, sometimes these people see admitting them as a “weakness”. In acknowledging our Fears we have a better chance of clearing them.

Whether it be a Fear of Spiders, Snakes, Rats, Deep Water, Dying, Being touched, Failure or even Success…the emotion has come from somewhere in our Consciousness…that is to say, our subconscious mind has stored “the response” to an experience….and if not brought into emotional balance, future encounters can trigger that same emotion, for some this can be “paralysing”, impacting on sociability work, health, depression, etc.

Whether we remember the first or anytime since, where we have had a situation where for example a spider may have crawled it’s way over our hand, foot or even face whilst we were asleep…in being awakened by this chilling feeling, only to find furry feet on our forehead with intense eyes looking at us from above…or by just looking at a spider in a jar, maybe a photo in a book…it doesn’t matter. The fact is, it has an “energy” around it. Interestingly enough, some people may have spiders or snakes or maybe even rats …(now there are 2 of mine….snakes and rats…Hmmmm) as pets. What others fear such as Flying may in fact be someone’s career…such as Flight Attendants and Pilots.

We are all so different..we only need to see how people respond to weather….Even if freezing cold conditions, someone maybe wearing a T shirt someone else dressed like the Abominable Snowman…with many layers…

The important thing to understand with Fears is that the feeling is “real” to the person experiencing it. In respecting this about someone will be apart of their Healing. The concept has come from somewhere…quite often there is a connection with a person’s Past Life (please refer another article here in “Thoughts” Past Life Regression)…for others it may well be a Current Life experience.

The excellent news is that Fears can be improved, neutralised and healed depending on a person’s willingness. There are many Modalities which can offer dramatic change….Bach/Australian Bush Flower Remedies, Energetic Healing such as Crystal Pyramid Healing, Reiki, Past Life or Between Lives Regression to name a few. Sometimes it is merely sharing feelings which can bring resolve from an objective and intuitive direction. We can’t change what created the Fear however we can allow it to feel differently and more manageable.

I would love to work with you or anyone you know to bring Healing…Another exciting aspect is it is All Natural…Only adding the Positive..You can’t get better than that.



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