Food Intolerances – “Rebalanced”

Over the years, many Clients have expressed their Life has been affected by food intolerances or allergies..some may even have conditions such as Coeliac or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Anyone with these situations knows how this is not only a physical situation but emotionally and mentally too. Often people feel isolated or “different”as arranging special foods, researching restaurants for special dietary requirements and often having food which may not necessarily be their preferred choice. The social aspect of this is all part of the overall healing. 

In understanding whilst there in fact maybe many factors involved, the way I look at things is from the effect of our emotions. For example, if a Client was able to eat dairy products up until a certain time, asking them what was happening at that time of your Life, maybe there could have been some sadness or fear?

In establishing how someone is feeling, we can then have a Consultation (either in person or on the phone, it works in exactly the same way as everything is “Energy”) and from there some amazing Flower Remedies can be created for you.

. Whilst we are unable to change the past, we can in fact adjust how it feels…so we feel empowered and free. In line with what Dr Edward Bach discovered, when our body is in “Emotional Balance, the Body Heals itself”. This is where our immune system comes into place….

Within 6 weeks of working with Flower Remedies and Reiki, a  special 9 year old boy (who had been using an “Epipen” when needed for Anaphalaxis) showed miraculous improvement. Over the next 5 months the progress gradually continued – Magically now his Confidence has soared and he chooses anything on the menu….So Proud of you, Elia…and your very committed Mum, Elizabeth and sister, Zafira.

More excellent Transformations can be found on “Testimonials”. ..Would love to make a Difference for you.



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