The Benefits of Touch

Research has shown the Amazing benefits of Touch including the effects of stimulating touch receptors under our skin. It can even lower blood pressure levels and plays a major part in our social and behavioural development.

Much more than a handshake, a meaningful touch on the arm or a Magical hug expressing Friendship, Understanding, Welcome or Compassion – it actually has a physiological effect on our well being.

Here are some of the “hidden” benefits –

  1. More Peaceful families and communities.
  2. Increased Trust between people as the physical touch activates the brain’s orbitofrontal cortex linking to the Rewards sector of the brain.
  3. Touch can trigger release of Oxytocin which is the  “Love Hormone”.
  4. More Calm/Better performance as it soothes Cardiovascular Stress, activating the body’s Vagus Nerve which is linked to Compassion.
  5. Enhances Team Building eg. A study in America shows that NBA football teams who touch each other more, win more games.
  6. Improved Health and Strengthened Immune System.
  7. Stronger Relationships –  a simple handshake or hug has shown to generally speaking creates better connections.
  8. Increases Learning ability.
  9. Enhances over all Wellbeing.
  10. Increases more Non – sexual connection
  11. Accelerates Emotional, Mental, Physical or Spiritual Healing.

A study has also shown we need 4 hugs a day for Survival…8 Hugs a day for Maintenance…

We feel we can never have too many Hugs…they are Special.

When it comes to our pets – patting, holding or generally touching animals, it has been found that it has a definite positive effect on our Well being …. Animals just love to be be appreciated too.

It all makes sense as having a connection with others is one of our essentials for Life… Social contact, Laughter, Affection and Fun are Magical ingredients for us all...

Whether you are the Giver or the Receiver – A Hug can Change your Day..

Namaste, Chris. 

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