Intelligence of the Heart

Most times when we think of our Heart, we relate it to the obvious physical function of maintaining circulation, romance or the beautiful symbol which seems to find it’s way to stationery, jewellery, signage and much more….

According to recent research, it has been found that in addition to those aspects mentioned above, the Heart has an “Intelligence.”

In fact, it has the ability to make decisions to make decisions….maybe this is the origin of  the saying, “Listen to your Heart.”

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Heart is the underlying connection between mind and body. Chinese symbols for “thinking”, and “love” all have the symbol for “heart” in them. 

Interestingly, our initial Heartbeat begins the minute specific heart cells form and they then multiply in the foetus. How Amazing …the heart is beating before the organ is totally formed…and in perfect rhythm. Magically, the Heart is propelled by an unseen Force – Universal Energy – which is referred to as Chi, Prana or Vital Energy…being the source of our Life force. In fact our heart is much quicker to respond to something around us than our brain as are emotions are more responsive and more powerful than thoughts.

If we take a moment to still our body and mind …to be silent…connect with our Heart, our deeper inner knowing….our Intuitive self, we will hear that “little voice”… It speaks to us, offering guidance…whether we are making a decision, contemplating or reflecting… it is always there

We are aware of it and yet sometimes the wisdom is disregarded….Maybe it isn’t the answer “what we want to hear” or our intellect gets in the way…asking for reasons…or logic …. it is
so simple….Listen and Trust.

”The voice is within us, it will always want what the best for us as it comes from our Higher Self…. 

It’s all about How it Feels….                          

Wise Words …. “Follow your Heart.”

Namaste, Chris.

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