Valhalla Building, Suite 211, 166 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2031 +61 413 933 814


Arranging a Consultation –

To arrange a Consultation, please refer to the “Contact” section. Soon we are launching an online booking system.
Consultations may be face to face, or by phone. This makes it possible to help you wherever you are located, even overseas! The Remedies/Essences/Reiki and Spiritual Healing work on a Client’s “energy” so Phone consultations are also possible. Important information is also gained intuitively, through personality traits, responses to life’s experiences, eg, fears.
Cancellations – Please note – $50 (non refundable) deposit is taken at time of booking for appointments, where appointments are $50 or less, 50% will be retained. This applies when  appointments are cancelled 24 hours or less of booking. Thank you.


Consultations –  $90

which are based on **30mins  (approx) including a “10 min follow up” phone conversation for each Remedy which has been created. After the “10 minute follow up” pro-rata will be charged. These rates will be explained at the time.

**Includes assessing the Client’s condition/dis-ease, brief background, prescribing the appropriate Remedy or Essence. For longer appointments additional costs may be incurred.

Questions are encouraged. All information is treated with the utmost Confidentiality and Discretion.    Reiki –

30 mins – $45

45 mins – $70

60 mins – $90 


Remedies – 

25 mls – $35 

100 mls – $85


New Product  – 

10mls Roll on (Stainless steel roller/Refillable)

Available in – 

Travel Well, Calm, Uplifting and Clarity – $20.  


Remedies/Creams – These are prepared in the form of drops or mist. If you prefer, you may wish to apply them to your skin as a cream. If this is the case please mention this during the Consultation and I can explain how you can use your drops in base creams.  

All prices are subject to change without notification.

The above prices are based on  “Personal Use only”. For “Commercial Use”, please contact me on ph 0413 933 814 or + 61 413 933 814 or



Personalized – 

Each Remedy/Essence is prepared specifically for the Client with an affirmation and Reiki intention to complement the amazing healing energy. Not just an amber bottle with a label … these are prepared with Care, Commitment and Love. They are beautifully presented for you to enjoy!


Psychic/Tarot Readings –

30 mins – $45

45 mins  -$70

60 mins – $90


Crystal Healing –

30 mins – $45

45 mins  -$70

60 mins – $90


Animal Healing/Communication –

30 mins – $45

45 mins  -$70

60 mins – $90


Ear and Body Candling –

60mins  – $90 (+ Travel cost for home visit) (2 x 42cms Candles, approx burn time 30 mins each)

Ear drops – $8 (approx 10mls, all natural made in Grape Seed Oil). Very beneficial for after care/maintenance.*


Please note Prices may vary for out of Sydney workspace. eg. Ulladulla, Central Coast (NSW)


Eg. Psychic/Tarot Readings/Reiki –

15mins – $25

30mins – $50

45mins – $75

60mins – $100


Reach me via “Contact” page for further details.


Questions –

If you would like to find out more or ask any questions, please just call or email me.  My family, friends and I have used these forms of healing for over 30 years and happy that they are natural and have no side effects. They really have made a dramatic difference to our physical and emotional wellbeing.  


Please take a few minutes to read some of the Testimonials published on this website. The healing properties are truly amazing! After all, the wisdom of ancient civilisations for example, Egyptians is still in use today.


Rewards/Discount –


    • By introducing a new Client who has a paid Consultation and purchases at least one Remedy, you receive $15 discount off your next Consultation or next Remedy (Limit 1 per new Client).
    • When a group of 6 or more is organised for (individual) Readings at the one venue, day/night, etc a Free Reading of the same value of the Individual Readings eg. group of 6 or more organised for 30mins/$50, (travel costs may apply) is given to the Organiser. 


Postage – 

If you prefer the Remedies/Essences can be posted to you. They will be packed carefully and sent by Australia Post. The cost of packaging/postage will be added to the total amount payable.



Payment is possible by Cash, Electronic Transfer, EFTPOS (+1.4% fee applies) or Paypal please.