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Dreams come true….

[md_text md_text_fonts="null" md_text_title1="pixflow_base64ICAg" md_text_use_title_slider="yes"]I had an inspiration to work overseas…it materialised just a few weeks ago (March 2018) …what better place to go to the Spiritual Centre… England, UK?
Icons such as St Paul’s Cathedral and the enchanting mix of Coventry Garden surround the London Natural Health Centre, Holborn which was our base. A beautiful old terrace building, filled with a Journey back in time. Tastefully and harmoniously decorated, so excited to be here doing Past Life Regression, Psychic Readings and Energetic Healing.
From London travelling through the myriad of roads, old and “new”, driving a couple of hours to Salisbury, Wiltshire….only about 45 minutes away from mystical Stonehenge. With Magnetic Energy, reinforced by the Energy of some 4,500 years or ...
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Past Life Memories – Bath, England.

 Past Life Memories – Bath England, during my working experience in  March 2018.Since I was shown a brochure of World Heritage city, Bath in England, a visit became mandatory – a couple of months later the experience became a reality. For some reason arriving in Bath reminded me of Vienna, Austria. Georgian buildings on the hillsides face the Town Centre – the city and surrounds are known for art and culture not to mention the Roman influence. Thousands of years ago the Romans crossed Europe and infiltrated England, filling the country – the remnants are still scattered amidst it today.

Bath has an magnetic energy, anyone I have spoken with before, during or after the trip, felt the same….they just love ...
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Glastonbury – The Heart Chakra Of The Earth

The Amazing village of Glastonbury – said to be the Heart Chakra of the Earth, whilst relatively small has so many Amazing Ley Lines. People gravitate here for many reasons – apart from it’s natural beauty, it is the site of the first Christian Church in Britain. Also it is known for it’s connection with the mythical King Arthur and his Knights.

In approaching Glastonbury by road the Tor stands above all of that on the horizon. A Tor is another name for “High Rock” or “Hill.” It is believed that the Tor’s ruins originated around the same time as Stonehenge was constructed. Before modern drainage, the Tor would stand above the flooded Somerset area. Sometime later a stone Church, in ...
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Ear/Body Candling

Ear Candling, or Hopi,  goes back to the Red Indian civilization. In their wisdom, the Red Indians found that when someone is unwell, there is a discharge from the eyes, ears or nose, containing toxins. Using a mash of grass and leaves, they would then create a tube to form a “candle”. The patient would lie on their side and the candle would be placed in the ear. By lighting the top of the candle, it would cause a vacuum from inside the body which would then draw the toxins through the ear and into the candle. Meantime the candle would burn down to a safe distance from the patient’s ear. Since that time, these candles have been made from linen. The candles we ...
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Studying for Exams? Help is here..

At this time of the year, many Students are preparing for Exams, completing Assignments or Practical projects ……. It can seem Overwhelming..”What to study? How long for? Which subject first?” Underlying Fears….”What if I can’t remember? What if I fail? What will my family think of me?” Anger …. “I never wanted to do this Course anyway, just trying to please everyone else”… All of these and more can be thought, said or felt …. totally understandable.. Apart from important aspects such as adequate sleep, time set aside for fun, physical activity …. to help the body and mind… then there is Emotional Balance. Here at Working with Nature to make a Difference, our Focus is Emotional Balance …. By ...
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Magical Crystal Healing

Crystals are defined as “a solid body with geometric regular shape”. They came into being as the Earth was created and are virtually the Earth’s DNA as they hold the consciousness of the Earth’s formation over millions of years.

Some have been subject to amazing pressure, others created through dripping, formed in layers or grew underground in chambers of the Earth. These treasures have been used for thousands of years by Ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians and Babylonians in many different ways. They bring Healing and Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual balance. Through resonance and vibration…. rebalancing the biomagnetic sheath which surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body and activating linkage points to the chakras… in turn the chakras can be ...
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Fertility and Natural Therapies

FERTILITY…How can Natural Therapies bring Healing and successful Conception to Hope filled Parents? Good question …especially for those who feel they “Have tried Everything”.

Remembering the basis of Natural Therapies and Spiritual Healing is to bring Emotional the Body Heals itself… The Holistic approach is just that….Mind, Body and Spirit…. Emotional Balance is the key…

Here at Working with Nature to Make a Difference, located in Cronulla, we aim to bring Emotional Balance….we often have Clients come to us who have been through  years of “trying” to become pregnant, clinical and impersonal testing, not to mention the financial aspect, loss of time of work time with ongoing appointments etc, literally searching for a positive outcome… the good news is no “physical” explanation … however, it is Inclusive..Hmmm….

The outcome is …EMOTIONAL ...
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Psychic Readings

Here at Working with Nature to Make a Difference, Cronulla, we offer many Modalities for Emotional Balance and Healing, amongst which are Psychic Readings. “Readings” as they are commonly called, are a form of “Divination”.. or guidance.
When it comes to Psychic Readings, there are in fact different ways the Reader will receive the information. For example, someone who receives an image or picture in their mind is called a Clairvoyant or Psychic Reader with Clairvoyance. Psychic Readings connected the Reader through “hearing” whether audibly or silently is called Clairaudient with a sense of feelings, example pain, tightness in the chest etc. Psychic Readings done by Recognizance  which is the ability of just “knowing” without an understanding of how or why ...
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Sinusitis – Bach and Australian Bush Flower Remedies

With Spring only a couple of weeks away…Gratitude…. Balmy breezes, sunshine, newness, longer days, beautiful flowering trees and plants…

For those who experience Sinusitis, Spring can be a very challenging Season…. Stifling congestion, continual sneezing, running nose, watery eyes, headaches or even migraines, sleepless nights.. propped up with pillows just trying to get through the day or night…. I remember as a child having Sinus..most of the night seemed to be rearranging pillows, sitting in the steam filled bathroom and doing my best to simply breathe…

As we have spoken of in previous “Thoughts”, our emotions play a huge part in all aspects of our health ….

According to Inna Segal, author of “Secret Language of your Body” –

“Sinusitis” – Experiencing irritation, frustration, ...
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Fears…. Everyone has them. Some may feel they are “Fearless”, however, sometimes these people see admitting them as a “weakness”. In acknowledging our Fears we have a better chance of clearing them.

Whether it be a Fear of Spiders, Snakes, Rats, Deep Water, Dying, Being touched, Failure or even Success…the emotion has come from somewhere in our Consciousness…that is to say, our subconscious mind has stored “the response” to an experience….and if not brought into emotional balance, future encounters can trigger that same emotion, for some this can be “paralysing”, impacting on sociability work, health, depression, etc.

Whether we remember the first or anytime since, where we have had a situation where for example a spider may have crawled it’s way over ...
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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression…What a fascinating subject… Have you ever wondered how the energy of your Past Lives is entwined in our Current Life? Have you ever been curious as to why we have certain feelings, fears, interests…sometimes obsessions or knowledge without ever consciously learning a language or playing an instrument?

As we know we our physical body has a certain lifespan, depending on the choices made by the Soul in the Spirit World and “free will” in this current life. Our Soul, however, continues on…it is an energy source which is held near the area of our “Third Eye”.. It is, in fact, our Soul who is with us each lifetime and with it comes the positive and the not so… ...
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