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We have our Immune System which most people are aware of .. quite amazing really. As this system keeps a record of every germ (aka microbe) which it has ever defeated (a bit like the security person at the gate checking who or what is coming in. Who knows, maybe they use a “QR code” upon entering?) so it can destroy the microbe quickly if it tries to enter the body again. Other roles of the immune system are that of the pathogens which combat germs, viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungus infections. Also thankfully this intricate system heals wounds.

All of these and more occur naturally which is why they are within us in the first place. So many Modalities can assist with prevention, detoxing, releasing and empowering. Some such as Bach/Australian Bush Flower Remedies, Energetic/Crystal Healing/Reiki, Past Life/Between Lives Regression, Ear/Body Candling are those which I work with. Click here to Learn more.

Another Modality is Homeopathics – have you ever wondered what it is? Working with the “Law of Similars” A fascinating concept .. as we are all living organisms that have a “vital force” which is an innate will to heal, live or survive. Sometimes this part of us can become distracted or overwhelmed and the signals become either delayed or blocked. Just like machinery, once the part is installed, when the vital force is re-set it runs itself.

Homeopathics has the ability to transmit this message in turn the body then runs itself. By using the most minute dose of a naturally occurring substance eg. onion, bee sting, oyster shell (ie calcium carbonate), can have the most extraordinary effect on the “vital force.” Once it connects with the latter, the body runs itself. Whilst all natural, the concept of Homeopathics is “less than more”.

This science has been in use for over 250 years. It is in fact the most secondly mostly widely used form of Healing in the world (most popular in the UK and Europe) the first being Traditional Chinese Medicine, third place is Herbal Medicine and fourth is allopathic (Western/mainstream) medicine .. Interesting!

Please feel free to contact me for more detailed information. I would love to clarify and answer any of your questions …

Let’s take a look at Vaccinations now .. It is imperative we do our own research, being mindful of the source/author of the information and asking questions from many different “objective” studies .. that can be a “story” in itself …

I invite you to read the following *Abstract from and other posts on this and many and varied sites and continue to research and think deeply and make an informed decision either way as to what is in the Highest Good for yourself and your family.

*”The present review summarizes data on neurologic complications following vaccination and provides evidence that indicates whether they were directly associated with the vaccines. These complications include autism (measles vaccine), multiple sclerosis (hepatitis B vaccine), meningoencephalitis (Japanese encephalitis vaccine), Guillain-Barre syndrome and giant cell arteritis (influenza vaccine) and reactions to animal rabies vaccine. Seizures and hypotonic/hyporesponsive episodes following pertussis vaccination as well as vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis following oral poliovirus vaccination are also described in addition, claims that complications are caused by adjuvants, preservatives and contaminants (macrophagic myofascilitis (aluminium), neurotoxicity (thimerosal) and new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (bovine-derived materials) as discussed.”

The website goes on to say .. “ Although the vaccination is the most effective and cost-effective way to prevent infections, no vaccine is safe. Immunization can cause side effects….”

“Neurological adverse effects (AE, illnesses occurring as a consequence of vaccine exposure) are known for a number of vaccines [8]. This includes Guillan Barre syndrome from influenza vaccine, transverse myelitis caused by duck embryo rabies vaccine and seizures from pertussis vaccine….”

Aluminium is added to some vaccines for diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Aluminium has been associated with macrophagic myofacitis, arthromyalgias and chronic fatigue as well as demyelinating central nervous system disorders….”

“Depending on the particular vaccine formulation and schedule, an infant might have received a cumulative mercury dose as high as 187.5 micrograms during the first six months of life; exceeding the maximum dose recommend by guidelines of methyl mercury intake ….”

I encourage you to ask questions of others … ask yourself most of all ..

The body’s inbuilt mechanisms versus man-made chemicals, power and money ..

Which way will you go?



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